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Cu-SeeMe is the name of the 9 song Album the Idaho band Little 'g' recorded just for your listening pleasure. Little 'g' is a band formed in Grangeville, ID made up of desperate but talented musicians. We started out to simply jam; we ended up arranging several original songs written by Jeanna (Gina Bina), the 9 songs on this CD are original works

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The Door
Tell Her the Truth
Sweet Words
What Do We Do
BuyBye Love

Little 'g' is:           

  • Rick Forssmann - Lead Guitar, Engineer, Producer
  • Mike Johnson - Bass
  • Kelly Johnson - Vocal Backup
  • Jamie Boyd - Drums, Production
  • Jeanna Gollihur - Lead Vocals

Rick is a well-established businessman in Cottonwood, 15 miles up the road. He has a pump service, and car dealership.   The band inspired him to enhance his fine studio.

Jamie works at his family owned lumber business in Orofino,ID. 55 miles from Grangeville.

Kelly and Mike live here in Grangeville; they work full time jobs assisting the elderly.

Jeanna lives with Peter in her hometown of Grangeville.   They work together on painting projects and web design.  

The process to make this CD began in Rick's 16-track studio and ended in his 24-track studio.

We'd go out to his farm and record a scratch tape with a click track.   Send it along the Clearwater River, to Jamie's house. He laid down the drum track then sent it back to Rick on the prairie.

Rick and Mike lay down their tracks then called in the girls for the vocals. Jamie and Rick both worked on the mix down.

We all enjoy it I hope you do too!

CU-See Me MP3

End of song on Little 'g' page.

Recording of CU-SeeMe! Little "g" in 2003 Band, recorded a favorite original, during rehearsal in our Unit. The Full Version file is much too big, so I put the end of the song in on this page. It is still quite big, says 2.73mgs. So let it load while you do other things, it is well worth it.  We've been in the studio @ Rick's place for a couple of years so there will be more MP3s soon!

  The songs below are older recordings of my original songs with me singing and playing them solo, I was able to go into Gren Arren Studios and do the recording myself a few years ago.

For information on the songs go here.


Nobody Famous

Nobody Famous in Barbie costumes

Maj-Grit and Margot designed and painted the barbie t-shirts.

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Nobody Famous is a band made up of even more desperate musicians in the Grangeville area.

We are

  • Barbara Adkison (Maj-Grit), Vocals, all around designer #1 Fan!!!
  • Margot Peterson, Soulful vocals & songs, 12 string
  • Kelly Johnson, Backup vocals & sweet clarity
  • Mike Johnson, Bass
  • Michael Martin, Drums
  • Tim Sands, keyboard
  • Jeanna Gollihur, vocals and songs acoustic guitar

The boys in Little g selected the songs they wanted to play, those that are not played are played by Nobody Famous.

We do the Barbie song, Civilized World, Lighten up, He's Whipped, Sing for you, Cooperation, and many many more.


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