The band Little "g" from left to right:

Kelly Johnson,

Backup vocals


Tommy Fronk,



Rick Foresman,

Electric Guitar



Jeanna Gollihur.

Singer Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar


Mike Johnson (Kelly's cousin)




New Recording of CU-SeeMe! Little "g" our new Band recorded a favorite original, during rehearsal in our Unit. The Full Version file is much to big, so I put the end of the song in on this page. It is still quite big, says 2.73mgs. So let it load while you do other things, it is well worth it.


Little "g" has been working in Rick Foresman's 24 track studio and will have a new release here in a couple of months. (01/19/03)

We also have Little "g" T-shirts available they are black with the bright logo above on the front.

Large & Extra Large sizes


Contact me for an order

*I'll have paypal & credit card availability soon.



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