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Fee Schedule for Web Design

Simple site: $450.00
Includes set up costs, custom color scheme, lay out, 3 pages, 4 images per page, 4 links, upload to server, submit to search engines.

-Enhanced site: $800.00
Includes all of the above, plus animations, sound files and reciprocal link research.

Additional pages: $100-$150.00 per page. (No more than 4 images per page).

-E-Commerce site: We will provide proposal as per scope of site to be developed.


We also provide Photo Album pages: $100.00 per Album (Image limited to number of images a page can hold).

Hourly rate: $30 per hour (i.e. Graphic design, image manipulation, link-research, etc.)

Customer agrees to furnish images and text. Custom images and animations will cost more. I can give guidelines for registering the domain name and hosting, but it is the responsibility of the customer to pay the fees for these services.



Musical Photo Albums on CD! Send an Email with your information and we will send you a sample CD!

Description Page for the Musical Photo Album 


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