Jeanna Adkison/Gollihur


Grangeville, Idaho 83530



Working with computers. Graphic Artist for ad publications and/or Web Design/submission/marketing/updates/maintenance/education. Multimedia productions.
I would like to work on the creative end of marketing ad presentation & website design. I am certified for web site marketing.  I  prefer to continue toward promoting entertainment and multimedia sites.  I work well with others and enjoy people.


Current Audio/Video Projects

Web Design Antu Productions

Contract, design & maintenance of  Internet web sites.  Related Tools Used

Personal A Site with pictures of my home and travels, songwriting and animated poetry.

NW Artists  A site for a creative people, even a chainsaw artist.  This site continues to grow.

I designed and maintain the sites below.

From January 1995- to Present -January 2003

Badd Dog Blues Society

This sight has been up and running 8 years.

Each month I  update the gig schedule.

Wild Buffalo House of Music

This sight has been up and running going on 4 years.

I update three pages on this site weekly.

Bush Family Dansko Shoe Store..e-commerse..

Super 8_Grangeville

Oscars Restaurant


Mt Idaho Log Homes

Arts & Crafts Store



September 1998- September 2000
Blues To-do's Monthly Magazine in Seattle, WA 206-328-0662

Assistant Office Manager & Graphic Ad Designer

I registered the domain name and designed and updated the website every month.

I helped in several aspects of creation of this monthly magazine. 

We used Adobe PageMaker 6.5, Photoshop5.0, Illustrator8.0 & Acrobat4.0.
Eudora5.0, Front Page Pro. & Works4.0.

I answered the email and sent the different information to three different people according to their designated jobs, such as the music director, the calendar manager, and the column text editor.
I also placed the text for the edited columns and the ads sent via email into the magazine.
I designed ads, and placed them.

I backed up files first using tape back up, then using Imation Super Disc, I also
set up the Iomega zip drive and used it mostly for loading files brought in by advertising clients.

I upgraded three of the office computers with new boards, hard drives, and modems for Internet & FAX access.
I also upgraded two other machines for two of the other members of the Blues To-Do's Team.

I moved home to Idaho and traveled to Sweden. 

Skills and Programs I have used.*

Basic Boot Tech Trouble Shooting, computer upgrade skills.

*Programs I personally like and use most often are in bold print. 


February 1997 - September 1997
Database Manager, Ultima Travel Lynnwood, WA
I trained in Access and Alpha 4 & 5, Pagemaker 6.0
I designed and utilized databases for more than 300,000 leads of data.
I hired and fired
I supervised two- four lead sorters, and six data input personnel, in two
When the data was input, I would run queries, and I would print out the data
and get it to the telemarketing crew, and I supplied the company with the data that was sold
to other companies.
I  printed reports weekly.
Ultima travel cut the database program out of their budget.


January 1987 - January 1997
Crew Boss, Gary Anderson Painting
I worked for Gary and for myself as an interior/exterior house painter
I Painted, taped sheet rock and set tile for all these years.
I started as an apprentice and gained journeyman qualifications through the
I can handle all the power tools and scaffolding, etc.
I know my stuff.
I think my best accomplishments were the creative texture and design I learned
and used to make masterpieces on affluent clients bathroom walls.

June 1989 through November 1989 and April 1996 through June 1996
Adkison Corp., Culver City, CA.

Tile Setter and Crew Leader

1990 through 1996
Owner and Operator of Gina’s Painting, Bellingham, WA

Sub-Contractor, Painter, Taper and Sheet-rock Finisher



High School Graduate, (ref. below)

Music Major in College
Boise State University, Boise, ID 1/77-6/77; University of Montana, Missoula MT, 1/79-6/79; Shoreline Community College, Seattle, WA 1/89-6/89
Computer Training....School of life.....

College, mostly for music, I also took classes to become a drug and alcohol counselor.
Computer training, self disciplined self sacrifice of teaching myself, AKA the School of life.
I learned computer work at home to gain a hold in the new  communications/creative/promotional /technical avenues the computer offers.  I built my first computer and several since.
I am an artist/ designer/entertainer/ performer/lover at heart.

Interests Computers, Creative Graphic Design, Cyber Poetry, Web-site Development, the Cyber World on the Internet, Love of Music, Songwriting and Performing, Audio/Video Production, and swimming, snowmobiling, & skiing.


I graduated at the top 10 of my High School class. I was on the Honor Role the last two years.
I had a 3.8 GPA at the beginning of the year 4.0 GPA at graduation.

I also have been honored for my help and support of Senior Citizens.

My website is something I'm proud of
I think my greatest achievement has been to raise my son Evan now 22 yrs. I also think it is pretty nifty that I have been able to write and record my original songs.
They are now available on CD. You can hear them at my website on the songwriting
page, and on the new Little'g' page. 

I now have a recording studio here in my office in Grangeville, ID 83530

Our band Little 'g' is now working in the studio recording our new CD.