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POETRY One of life's delights! ENJOY!

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How I love My Idaho
2002 Jeanna Gollihur
(for those of you who do not like the sad political part, just ignore it, it is the American Dream after all..*wink*)

I was raised in Grangeville Idaho
On the quilted prairie where the Camas grows
On the 4th of July I was in the rodeo
In the Red River Hot Tub in the Snow
On down to White Bird where life was slow
To the Salmon river where the peaches grow
How I love my Idaho

My grand dad taught me how to milk a cow
He sat me in ole blue, he taught me how
To drive all the way to the creek
The alfalfa fields there sure smelled sweet
With Grandma's orchard & garden we had plenty to eat

We'd tube down the Salmon with our cooler afloat
We'd ride up the Snake in Uncle John's Jet boat
We hung out in the sand on the Clear Water bar
Selway, Lochsa, & Dworshak Reservoir
Ya wanna find a river you don't have to drive far

We went through the tunnels in grandpa's black berry patch
With a stick in hand where the rattle snakes hatch
We found arrowheads in the pasture by the road
If fossils were treasures we'd found the mother load
Listen to the stories Auntie Kate told
Of Nez Perce horse races, and raids of old

We'd go ride the pigs by the ole combine
We'd pick mul & goose berries & grapes from the vine
Sit in our hide out under the pine
We couldn't swim in the pond cause of leaches in the mud
We'd hang out in the barn, the cows a chewin' their cud

We'd ski down the hill in back of the town
Cross country through the clearing where trees were down
Or ski up on the mountain near the lake side town
We were rough and roudies cruisin' on our snow cats
We'd sit & sing by the fire, out on the flats

Then Church came to office with a government plan
He went & took part of my Grandpa's land
Cause it was the place that the Nez Perce fought
And the land on the river that my daddy bought
They condemned it as useless & took it on the spot

I don't care if you think it was right to take the land
The sheep herders on the Snake they took a stand
They gave up the land with money in hand
Some say I'm a cynic cause I'm mad at the man
I am by no means a big government fan
They named the Salmon River country after Mister Frank Church
But I'm not impressed cause the guy was a jerk
He & his cohorts took the land, from good land lovin' peoples private hands
I speak my mind because I can ...........for now

But there is one thing they can't take away
That's the memories I have to this day
Swingin' on the rope in the ole hay barn
Watchin' Grandpa bark with his cut off arm
Ridin' horses with my cousin in the battlefield
Throwing hay bales when they had a good yield
Swimmin' in creek to cool off from the day
Singin' at the piano while Grandma played
Idaho Idaho Idaho! How I love my Idaho



Falcon 'Play That song Again'

Early in the dawn 
We gathered in the basement 
The bottle and the yawn 
To pass the night awake
 That voice and gentle song 
You said you wrote for me
 I felt it that night my friend 
It surely filled the need

All along I knew 
When your feelin' that way 
You say that to all the girls
 You say that to us all 

We passed the pipe of peace 
Good humor in the air
 Singing harmony with ease 
And though every lady there
 Was object of your please
 I watched as you wove
 Your delicate lace Around our halos'
 With stealth and grace 
The charm my friend 
Did no harm 

As long as I believed 
You say that to all the girls
 I know when your feelin' that way
 You say that to us all

 Mesmerized with my beauty
 Something only you can see
 In the magic of the moment 
When your attention is on me
And I beg you to please
 Play that song you wrote for me 

Even though I know
 You sing it to all the girls
 It seems when you're singing my way
 I'm the only one you see 

It isn't that I lust for you 
Or have to have you for myself 
I have loved you at a distance 
Another way
 It's your voice gentle song 
 The eyes that have smiled my way 
All these years I can see through your eyes 
As the Falcon flies 
When you look my way 
And Say I wrote this song for you 

Even though I know
 You say that to all the girls 
When your feelin that way
 You say it to all the girls 
I still pretend it's true 
And I wrote this song for you
 by Ana Brighton & Jeanna Gollihur Copyright 1999 


Tribal Disco

Playing the game 
Again who's gonna win This time? 
Caught in a web Of thought 
Illusive Illusive thought
Let's get a peak Of Love
So we can win this time
Glimpsing a crack through thought
Illusive Illusive thought
It's all part of the Great Mystery
See it in your dreams
You see it in me
Keeping my mind aware of the heart
See through the thought to Love
Illusive Illusive thought
See through the thought to Love

copyright 1996 Jeanna Gollihur and Tamara Lee



I Am Under Grace

Today the world hit me with a blow
Or was it three
The world is a ho
That is what I see
It's all about the money
Many People will do anything to get Money
Fraud/Greed/pillaging those in need
Right here at my door
I do not like this world I see
There must be something better
You want me to write poetry
About love and beauty
Believe me I'd like to see
I'm willing

Right now
What I feel
Is my spirit revolting
I can hardly stand the pain
I actually have feelings of hate
Not toward anyone in particular
But toward the way of the world
Oh the hatred
The world is a ho!
When did creation become a ho?
Who's idea was this?
Who's running the show?

I am under grace
This is fo sho
Things could have been much worse.
I do my best to deal with the ho
Play to keep some semblance of the
Status quo
I have to have a home you know?
Money makes the world go round
Acceptance is hard
Can reality be this mendacious?
Business Ethics is a oxymoron?
Am I looking through the right mirror?
Maybe I should clean it again.
Ahh......Neurosis, my lovely neurosis
Clean clean clean the mirror again... (prayer)

Today the world hit me with a blow
Or was it three
The world is a ho
That is what I see
It's all about the money
All I can hope is that truth and love will set me free..

Jeanna Gollihur



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Jeanna M. Gollihur

copyright 1996

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