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Hi my name is Jeanna Gollihur, A "Life" in the CU-cyber world.
Please sit back and enjoy some of the fun and creative talents computers have allowed me to reveal.

We have original music with real audio files on the songwriting page. I have a deep voice and perspective on life.
Through the art I find many answers. Pockets of inspiration, juice of the soul.

The fun has to be in here somewhere.
In the site you will find a couple funnies.
The Turds cyber poem is sure to refresh your sense memories with the meaning of spring.
And there is an animated clown presentation deep in the Badd Dog Blues Society site..

I really like the Melody cyber poem, it is colorful, thoughtful, and it loads and plays fast.

The cyber poem on the Philosophy page is the poem that started me on this whole computer thing. I am enjoying this whole new avenue to express and communicate.

Please stay a while and look through the sight. It is well worth the time.

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You can find me on ICQ 3691928

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