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Copyright© Jeanna M. Gollihur Antu Productions 1997

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This New CD has 10 new original songs on it!
The CD is going for $12.00
(including shipping and handling.)

Both CD & Tape for $20.00.

Jeanna Gollihur
616 E. S. St
Grangeville, Idaho  83530


The recording was begun in Gren Arren Studios.
Glen Allen is the proprietor of this wonderful machinery.
He turned me loose in the little room with the equipment and I went for it.
Glen also came in and added a taste of class to the raw work, with his natural, well practiced guitar playing. This man can play!
The songs in this catalog of music are the most recently written.
They portray a few facets of life, from the view I have been blessed with.
Identity (Love Remains) is what I consider truth.
The song itself runs through my mind and allows for clearer thinking, in the midst of what appears to be a very cynical/absurd reality.
I consider it a master healing song.
Identify with the dream and get pain...
Identify with truth, LOVE, and we get Love.
(Not lust per say...) Love.... Being.....
The realization That the light of love is juicy existence and the juice is ON!!!!
No matter what we think or see as reality, it does not change the truth that we exist because we are love... No matter what we do or say that appears to the contrary, it does not change the truth.
Only love remains.
I think the song is the most beautiful and healing idea that has come through this one, so far.
Thanks for listening.
You ALL,
I have had so much help with it and I want to thank


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Embraced Light, is a 15 song recording of a variety of styles,
all original, written during the ages of 15 and 35.
There are a couple collaborations with friends.
This tape is actually down home style, and spiritual, it has two family songs with my son Evan, and my niece Melissa, singing along
"Safe Place" and "Sea Wind", both Country.
There are a couple Blues tunes, a couple alternative, jazzy love songs,
a fun up beat grunge song called "Barbi"
Along with easy listening pop.
I had a lot of help with this tape several studios worked with me. Mostly I work with Eden Productions, MT. Vernon WA. 'Appreciate the help ab. Please send your money order for $13.00.......$1.00 postage and handling..... add $3.00 for postage if you are over seas...
Both CD & Tape for $20.00.

Jeanna Gollihur
616 E. S. St
Grangeville, Idaho  83530

The album cover was designed by  Jeff Sargent

I want to make special thanks to Alan Butler (Eden Productions),
For his time and patience through the years in his home studio. The tape that is for sale has the cream of the crop from some great sessions with ab.
I learned enough to help me do this recording, can't beat that!

Mothers Love

The lyrics were written in a poem by Parker James. I met Parker during a retreat to my home in Idaho. Parker had been a mortician for 20 years, he had a few years before changed his career to photography.
If you buy a beautiful scenic postcard in Idaho, it is highly likely it with have Parker's name embossed on it. He has quite an eye. Parker also has a heart. He wrote a moving poem about a common story he saw through the years as a mortician. He sent it to me when I was back here in Seattle. I put the music to it on the back porch (The smokers Lounge), in September of 96. I love the song, It is deeply moving.


  • Lighten Up


    This version is a full version of the song.I put these in for the dearest friends who really love my soul, and can put up with a lot of distortion to hear its voice.
    :) Love You!!!

    The lyrics were written by 'St. Mark with a Chainsaw'. A dear friend Mark Waschke and I bumped heads for two days over this song. I finally remembered myself, and let the ego move aside, and we accomplished a new song. I think he wrote it about someone like me. over sensitive and too religiously serious. He really knows how to help me remember; as with his lyric 'The world is a playground not a prison'. Mark is a wonderful poet and chainsaw artist. He lives just outside of Bellingham Washington. Right near Waschke drive! you can find his Chain saw Sculptures at the NWArtist site:



    The Garden Song


    is a song that came through this heart and mind way back in 88; Seattle home on the sound. In between relationships.

  • Unfunded Mandate


    Is the newest packet of inspiration. I named it after something my dear 91 year old grandmother Erna once said about life. I wrote it when I noticed that we were, well that I have been dupped about what us American Dreamer's, consider 'living free'. I like it because it really has an interesting melody and rythm, and I honestly love the first and last verse. 'I know of one who is paid in full....'

  • Mythology


    I wrote this song Over at Cheri's house. I have been learning alot about myths and soul archives and the drama of creation, The song is my way of expressing a few things of myth, I think. The song really flows and is easy to listen too. I know you will find it sweetly melodic, interesting, and catchy.

  • Twinkle


    Is a light little dity of a song describing moments of clarity, and a truth to the nature of love.

    For full version of these songs you can get the second half or first half up top in the song table.

Thanks so much for listening. Be a consultant or an insultant but please SULT me!





How is it that One
Would see the servant
Body Mind and Soul
When we look upon the body
Laboring for it’s tithe
Knowing all along that
It’s destined to die
Knowing all along
That it’s destined to die

While our hands and feet
Assist us
In everything we do
To manifest all ideas
Watch them garden and toil
For their food
Create all the needs
And thier uses
For the tools and the schools
While the myths of drama
Play out on the wheel

Would you call it the truth
When it’s destined to die
Would you say it’s no use
To even try to love it
would you call it the truth
Or would you call it abuse
Body is so dependent on mind

When you woke up one day
Beyond your soul
And you realized
That God was in control
How is it that Love
Would see the servant
Body mind and soul

Would you call it the truth
That it’s destined to die
would you say it’s no use
To even try to love it
would you call it the truth
Or would you call it abuse
Body is so dependent on mind

In a moment in time
A thought could purely attain
In a moment in time
A thought could surely sustain

In a moment in time
The power of Love attained
Body mind and soul
Oh the power of Love
Oh the power of Love


Copyright© Jeanna Gollihur 1996



He wants me to look like barbie
And so I shave my legs in the dark
and with my legs so smooth
where the razor has left it’s mark
And with my legs so cleans
I ignite his spark
And he wants me

He wants me to look like barbie
and so I pad my bra
I strap myself Up and in with wires
When my cleavage shows
There’s no end to his desires
And he wants me

Face tucked thighs sucked
Smooth hard Body parts
Nails, blush , lipstick, flush
Mask my face, change my race

He wants me to look like Barbi
But my implants
Are much to hard
He doesn’t like
The way my breasts feel
He won’t touch them
Because they're not real
But when they show he starts to grow
And he wants me

He wants me to act like barby
and so I play in plasticine
Pull my string babe I open my mouth
I never complain and I never shout
Ready and willing there is no doubt
There’s nothing left of me
I’m barbi Now
And He wants me now

I don’t act how I feel
Won’t let him know that I am real
Let me make , myself fake
Reality he could not take
I’m barbie Now
and he wants me now

I must attach my identity
To the centerfold of my destiny
Who cares what's inside
He’d stuff me if I died
He left me when I cried
Oh Barbi
Why don’t you look like me?
Why don’t you act like me?

Lyrics and music by Jeanna M. Gollihur Copyright© 1995

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